Unicode is Worth It

27 October, 2023

My thoughts on a colourful cast of characters.

Review: Cassette Beasts

1 August, 2023

A lot more than a ripoff.

Mixed Memories

9 July, 2023

Why do macOS programs show different amounts of used memory?

Review: Omori

14 June, 2021

Extremely entertaining and a great exploration of mental health.

Review: Come True

3 April, 2021

For some reason, I'm now doing film reviews. This one is... a mixed bag.


14 February, 2021

Unfortunately, by that I don't mean the revealing kind... Well, kind of.

Slava crnoj gori

25 January, 2021

I now have a custom domain!

Twenty Years

15 January, 2021

Wikipedia celebrates its twentieth anniversary.

Gone in a Flash

2 January, 2021

Adobe Flash is dead, and that's both a good and a bad thing.

The Land of The Long White Lie

3 December, 2020

New Zealand isn't as progressive as you think.