Slava crnoj gori

25 January, 2021

A map of Montenegro.

I now have a custom domain! now redirects to the much terser The .me TLD technically belongs to the small Slavic nation of Montenegro, bordering the Adriatic Sea. So now I have to bear alliegance to the Montenegrin government, I suppose...

I've been thinking of having a custom domain for a while. And by "a while", I mean ever since other cool people started doing it. Truly, I am a beacon of originality. As for the why, I had a few reasons:

Initially, I wanted,1 but it turns out that is occupied by a Chinese online entertainment company. My next-best option was, but that doesn't really roll off the tongue, and is a bit too random for my taste. Therefore, I decided to go with the .me TLD. I have exactly zero Montenegrin ancestry2, but according to Montenegro's .me website...

You are one step away from getting the domain name of your dreams. Personalize your blog, business or website. Get creative!

I just couldn't say no to the domain of my dreams, I guess. After all, I definitely want to get creative, especially since an overexcited looking bearded dude is pointing to the text for some reason.3 And I guess Montenegro seems like a decent enough place. At the very least, I can't say it isn't any more, or who knows what will happen to my precious domain?

Oh, bright dawn of May.
Our mother Montenegro.
We are sons of your rocks
And keepers of your honesty
We love you, the rocky hills
And your awesome gorges
That never came to know
The chains of shameful slavery.4
Our mother Montenegro!
Oh, bright dawn of May.
Our mother Montenegro.
While our unity gives wings
to our Lovchenian5 cause,
Proud shall be, celebrated will be
Our dear homeland.
A river of our waves,
Jumping into two seas,
Will bear voice to the ocean,
May eternal be our Montenegro!
Will bear voice to the ocean,
May eternal be our Montenegro!

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