Font repository

Hello! This is my page which holds open-source fonts I like. As you may have figured out, this page is set in Ovo, and this site is largely set in Sebastian Kosch's Crimson Text. Both of them are open source fonts with a variety of design influences. You can get them here and here. Although some free fonts are pretty crap, I like to think these are quite good.

Acrylic Regular Aileron Regular Archivo Regular Arciform Regular Anybody UltraCondensed Bold B612 Regular Besley Book Cabin Regular Cooper* Regular Cooper Hewitt Book DejaVu Sans Book Della Respira Regular DIN 1451 fette Breitschrift 1936 Director Regular Eadui Regular Elstob Bold 18pt Epilogue Regular Erbarre Regular Facultad Regular Fraunces Black Italic Forum Regular FT88 Gothique FT88 School Gentium Book Plus Bold Gillius ADF No2 Medium Girassol Regular Glacial Indifference Regular Ibarra Real Nova IBM 3270 Medium Instrument Sans Condensed Bold Jost Book Junicode Regular Junicode Condensed Regular KJV1611 Latin Modern Mono 10 Regular Latin Modern Roman 10 Regular Latitude Regular League Gothic Regular League Spartan Bold Libre Baskerville Regular Libre Caslon Text Regular Linux Libertine O Regular Marcellus Regular Marvin Visions Bold National Park Regular Pecita Book Playfair Display Regular Public Sans Regular Pulsewidth Regular Px437 Toshiba LCD 8x16 Roadgeek Series C Routed Gothic Regular Rubik Regular Space Mono Regular Station Medium Tachyo Regular Techna Sans Regular TeX Gyre Adventor Regular Trispace UltraExpanded TT2020 Style B Regular U001 Regular Volantene Script Regular VT323 Regular Young Serif Regular Ysabeau Black Ytterbium Regular

Note that a few of these designs are basically similar-as-is-legal clones of paid fonts, like Arial is to Helvetica. They are marked with a †.

If you want more decent free fonts, here's a good list of open-source type websites - I personally find The League of Moveable Type to be consistently high quality, and the Velvetyne foundry produces lots of interesting and creative stuff as well. The Lost Type Co-op also does great fonts that are free for personal use. If you're looking for more retro or pixelly stuff, the Oldschool PC Font Resource is handy.