Review: Omori

14 June, 2021

A battle scene in Omori, depicting two of the game's unique mechanics.
The battle system in Omori is heaps of fun.

This blog post deals with mental health issues.

When I was a little boy, I sometimes wondered: why do people get depressed? I was quite naïve sometimes.

Slowly, things changed though. As I grew older and (arguably) wiser, I slowly but surely succumbed murky depths of mental illness myself. It started off slowly, but soon right became wrong and left became right, Thoughts and reality started to blur together. Voices started echoing in my head, telling me everything I was doing wrong - not just incorrect, but morally depraved. I'd never make anything of myself, and I'd be a failure for the rest of my life. I'd always be an awful person, and I'd never make anything of myself.

I tried to hold things in for as long as I could, to not disappoint both those that knew me and myself. To tell the voices in my head that they were wrong. Eventually, though, the symptoms became too much for others as well, and I had to confine myself to my house...

Review: Come True

3 April, 2021

Sarah, the protagonist, riding a bicycle down the street.
Unfortunately, Sarah (Julia Sarah Stone) might be frustrated at some of this movie's inconsistent plot points.

When I started this blog, I was envisioning some in-depth essays about computing and stuff.1 So far, this hasn't panned out, and unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your tastes) I feel lazy enough to keep it that way, at least for now. Sorry.

Instead, I'm taking a sharp right turn and reviewing a horror movie. Well, horror with sci-fi elements. I've been a fan of director Anthony Scott Burns' music and oeuvre of short films for a long time. Burns takes a lot of inspiration from the oft-vaunted horror greats - a fact that he makes sure to mention on social media - but also manages to put his own unique spin on things. His second entry into feature films2 is his take on one of the classic thematic staples: dreams. As Burns says...3