14 February, 2021

In the later 1800s, the confession album was a popular fixture in British culture. The name had nothing to do with people's deepest, darkest secrets, though the "confessions" within were of a somewhat personal and revealing nature. It gained prominence for about fifty years, before falling (well, mostly) out of fashion.

Slava crnoj gori

25 January, 2021

A map of Montenegro.
A map of Montenegro.

I now have a custom domain! now redirects to the much terser The .me TLD technically belongs to the small Slavic nation of Montenegro, bordering the Adriatic Sea. So now I have to bear alliegance to the Montenegrin government, I suppose...

The Landscape has Changed

3 November, 2020

Ever since the creation of my site, I've wanted to have a blog. I finally have the time, and the result is what you see here. I'm aiming to post extremely occasionally - mostly long-form content about computing, design, and other fun stuff. Kind of like Eevee's blog, which has a bunch of interesting articles (and some furry stuff that I'm not personally into).